Catalyst Core Values

Three important core values guide us in pursuit of our mission: Belong. Grow. Achieve.

The Catalyst Philosophy

Our educational philosophy is that a child’s education should seek mastery along three dimensions.

Closing the Achievement & Opportunity Gap

We need to prepare our scholars to define and achieve their dreams!

We will have science and engineering, including computer science, 5 days a week.

We will have arts instruction (music, theater, visual art) 4 days per week.

We will have a rigorous culturally-affirming humanities curriculum.

We holistically develop scholars by including social-emotional learning and physical education 4 days per week.

Grade Levels (K-5 in 2024-2025)
Future Grades (K-8 in 2027)
Days/Week Science & Engineering
Days/Week Arts & Physical Education

Our Model

Families interested in applying at Catalyst Academy please visit our enroll page.

For general inquiries about Catalyst Academy, please email us at or call us at 412-684-2400.

Upcoming Events

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