Our Mission

Our mission is to create a world-class K-8 school where all children are prepared for college, career, and life in an educational environment aligned with our core values: Belong. Grow. Achieve.

Catalyst Academy Charter School is a college-preparatory K-8 public charter school in Pittsburgh, focused on serving families in the Hill District, Garfield, East Liberty, Larimer, Lincoln-Lemington, Homewood, and East Hills communities as well as families from across Pittsburgh and neighboring communities that are looking for a great school.

We opened as a K-1 school at the height of the pandemic in the fall of 2020. We were recognized nationally for our response to the pandemic. We have grown a grade each year since. We will serve Kindergarten through 5th grade in the 2024-2025 school year. As a public charter school, Catalyst Academy is a tuition-free, open-enrollment school for any student, including students with special needs and English-language learners.

Catalyst Academy is located in the Lincoln-Lemington neighborhood, in the former Lemington school building.

We appreciate your consideration of support for Catalyst Academy!

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Grade Levels (K-5 in 2024-2025)
Future Grades (K-8 in 2027)
Days/Week Science & Engineering
Days/Week Arts & Physical Education

Families interested in applying at Catalyst Academy please visit our enroll page.

For general inquiries about Catalyst Academy, please email us at info@catalystacademy.org or call us at 412-684-2400.