Splashing paint around, singing songs with a group, acting out silly scenes – these all might seem like simple ways to relax and have fun, but there’s even more to it than that! Catalyst Academy Charter School’s (CAC) Art classes activate the right side of our scholars’ brains, which inspires new ideas and strengthens young academic minds. 

In our sculpture class, we combine 3-d circles, triangles, and squares to find which combinations have the best structural integrity. Connecting this exercise to the architecture we see in our city always lights up the minds of our scholars. That bright curiosity shines through as our kids build their own models and explore how the effects of gravity impact joining materials with different types of adhesives.

Catalyst scholar in mask holding up a sculpture he made

Making art is about the process, not about the end result. Taking chances and exploring different possibilities for every project is key. We celebrate every little thing and emphasize growing and evolving skills. 

Painting class is always a favorite, and it shows – classroom clean up and set up are getting faster, giving scholars more time to experiment and express themselves with paint.

Catalyst painting class full of scholars having fun, working on paintings

More hope for the future

We believe in the benefits of the arts so much that we hold arts classes 4 times each week and the response is outstanding. Our scholars learn about different artists and look at all kinds of artistic styles in our classes. Seeing how many totally different ways famous artists make art gives them a well rounded idea of what art looks like.

Art at Catalyst using feathers, leaves, and grass

Science shows that making art helps scholars think up new solutions to challenges in life as well as in our academic classes. Art opens up young minds to new possibilities and even helps them imagine a better future.

Outdoor art class at Catalyst teaching leaf printing techniques

Keeping our smiles bright

In the same way that bodies need to move to be healthy, young minds need to activate both left and right sides of their brains to develop the reasoning and logic that helps us connect with each other.

We make sure our scholars get plenty of time to explore and experience art. As a result, they develop a growth mindset and strengthen creative problem solving skills.

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Catalyst scholar showing us his painting tray with a new painting

About Catalyst

Catalyst Academy Charter School’s mission is to prepare all Scholars for college, career, and life. Catalyst Academy Charter School’s core values of Belong. Grow. Achieve. reflect the school’s deep commitment to cultivating an inclusive supportive school community where everyone – children and adults – is focused on learning every day, in order for all Scholars to define and achieve their dreams. Catalyst Academy Charter School’s education model is designed to close both the achievement and opportunity gap. The approach couples rigorous core academics with a broad offering in the arts and sciences. Scholars will experience STEM learning daily and arts programming four days per week. Enroll your Kinder, first or second grader today!