Inclusive Learning Practices at Catalyst Academy

The accessibility of an exceptional education in a welcoming, accepting setting belongs to each scholar. Every scholar deserves to grow alongside their peers while engaging in challenging instruction and intervention. Scholar achievement is a point of celebration for our staff, no matter how “big” or “small” the achievement is.

At Catalyst Academy, we value the sense of belonging that is rooted in a full-inclusion model. Inclusive Learning is the process of organizing educational practices committed to the prevention and removal of barriers to learning and participation in learning. Guaranteeing access to education without sacrificing quality is a challenge that all educators face. Embracing this challenge is possible with a range of inclusive learning practices. 

If you have concerns about your scholar’s growth or achievement at Catalyst Academy, please contact the Inclusive Learning program: 

Dr. Carrie Potter-Murray,
Founding Director of Inclusive Learning
412-629-3859 | 

Child Find Policy 

Child Find is a legal requirement that schools find all children who have disabilities as well as others who may be entitled to special education services. Child Find requires school districts to have a process for identifying and evaluating scholars who may need special education and related services. 

Annual Public Notice for Special Education Services & Programs 

Under state and federal special education regulations, the local education agency (LEA) is required to publish an annual public notice to parents of children who reside within a school district. This notice shall inform parents throughout the Catalyst community of the child identification activities and of the procedures followed to ensure confidentiality of information pertaining to students with exceptionalities. In addition to this public notice, the Inclusive Learning handbook is available at all times on the Catalyst Academy website. Children ages three through twenty one can be eligible for special education programs and services. If parents believe that their child may be eligible for special education, the parent should contact the Founding Director of Inclusive Learning Dr. Carrie Potter-Murray (