Our education model at Catalyst is based on high expectations, academic rigor, quality teaching, strong relationships, innovation and personalization, and holistic development. We strive for this everyday we are together — be it in-person or online. And as our scholars join our Catalyst school community they also join the online world, via our 1:1 devices and digital backpacks. 

The internet is a magical place full of fun. Playful games, colorful characters and educational options abound. Plus being online provides numerous ways to keep in touch with family and friends. 

But life online is also full of bullies, predators and scams. And online life can impact kids in very real ways.  How can we keep our Catalyst scholars safe when they’re online and start to build good online habits now? 

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3 Important online safety measures for kids:

  1. Keep the kids in sight when they’re online
  2. Limit their usage
  3. Do your homework to research where they’ve been online 

Keeping kindergarten and first graders safe online now and as they grow: 

1) What and why: Communicate with your child and discuss what they are doing online and why. 

2) Talk it out: Set rules, and talk about them. Then keep talking, since your child can earn more rights and responsibilities as they grow. 

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3) Start an open dialog now: Hopefully this means your child will be more likely to let you know when they encounter an online bully or stumbles upon sketchy content. 

4) Be a role model online: Like everything you do, you are an online role model for your kids. Practicing healthy internet habits shows your child you have boundaries, too. Hopefully they will imitate all your healthy habits someday! 

What else to know: 

If you let them, kids can click from one site to another until bedtime or beyond. Being online means pop-up ads, viruses, false content, and inappropriate images. Stay close to your kids when they’re online. 

Every Catalyst Academy scholar, teacher, and staff member is committed to growing every day —  in alignment with our mission. Safe online habits are an important way to grow safely and to continue to find answers, define dreams and achieve them, too! 

About Catalyst 

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