Changing your child’s school can feel daunting. Sometimes it’s more daunting for parents than for the student. Here we’re focusing on the second grade and how truly seamless it can be. At Catalyst, we are ready to welcome your second grader to our founding second grade class. 

Open for only K and 1st for the 2020-2021 school year, we are thrilled with our successes as a new public charter school. As our charter outlined, we will grow a grade each year until we are a K-8 public school. We prepare every one of our scholars to define and achieve their dreams. teacher with student at desk

Our Kindergarten and first grade families told us how well we have done in supporting and educating their children in this unprecedented school year. We cannot wait to build on this momentum as we expand our in-person school learning to three grades this fall 2021. Yes, we’ve been open in-person 5 days per week this year! 

Moving your child to a new school in second grade, especially in this instance, is a wonderful opportunity. Not only will our second graders be the first second grade class at our innovative school, they will also share a growing path each year  — all the way to eighth grade. Your student can join us this fall — and not change schools again until high school! 

kids dressed for 100 days of school

We’re proud to offer STEM 5 days a week, including computer science. We also offer Music and Art 4 days a week. Your second grader will explore bigger words and exciting math concepts, regularly move their body in PE and recess and celebrate all sorts of milestones in learning like being 100 days smarter on their 100th day of school (pictured above). 

Catalyst is an inclusive school, full of personalized attention, eager and intentional teachers, supportive administration and a robust work ethic — all centered on ensuring our young scholars experience our core values — Belong, Grow and Achieve. 

Please consider tuition-free Catalyst Academy Charter School for your upcoming second grader — for the 2021-2022 school year.  We can help your scholar: 

  • Enjoy school and learning 
  • Find their confidence and ignite their interests
  • Explore their curiosity and character, while safe at school
  • Experience in-person, actively engaging education like STEM, Art, Music and PE

We’ve so loved our founding year at Catalyst — and it’s not over yet! The friendships, learning, and expanding educational growth has been something to see. Our social emotional learning helps every Catalyst scholar know who they are, while at school, and in the community. We welcome the opportunity to talk with you and show you how we can be a better school fit for your second grader. With upcoming open houses and appointments for tours, we invite you to check us out, today

About Catalyst 

Catalyst Academy Charter School’s mission is to prepare all students for college, career, and life. Catalyst Academy Charter School’s core values of Belong. Grow. Achieve. reflect the school’s deep commitment to cultivating an inclusive supportive school community where everyone – children and adults – is focused on learning every day, in order for all students to define and achieve their dreams. Catalyst Academy Charter School’s education model is designed to close both the achievement and opportunity gap.  The approach couples rigorous core academics with a broad offering in the arts and sciences. Students will experience STEM learning daily and arts programming four days per week. Enroll your Kinder, first or second grader today!